About me

An average looking thin 24 years old human who identifies himself as male. You can call me Isshiki. Ever since I graduated I have been living with my parents, which is like for the past 3 years. I tried moving out and lived in Banglore for about 6 months but hated it to the core, lol. I’ll be moving out soooon but not really sure where will I go this time. While I figure that out, here are a few other things about meee.

I don’t really enjoy hanging out with the crowd. Not that I hate it, but, um.. you see I prefer having looong 1-1 or talks with a small group. I don’t drink, smoke or have been to a club ever in my life. No, there is nothing wrong with any of them but it’s just I’m kinda fragile and my body can’t keep up, lol.

I sooo much want to talk to people but can’t even utter a single word by myself, ughhh. I am trying though. I started greeting people at the gym more often now but still get nervous to maitain eye contacts. If the other person is a woman, it’s as good as impossible for me sighs

My playlist

Songs are sooo beautiful. They help you convey everything that’s in your brain & heart but not able to describe or put into words. Sharing a playlist is kinda an intimate thing for me, as it gives a sneak peak into one’s life. If I start sharing songs with you, then it means we have established a bond where I feel comfortable around yaa. If you are reading this, then, either you’ve found this site yourself or i’ve shared it with youu, in either case, i appreciate you taking your time.. so here’s my playlist 😁