My Jewels

This impromptu trip is one of the best thing that has happend to me this year. It reminded me of how lucky I am to be blessed with such an amazing friends. You know, some bonds once formed would not require any further investment of your time or energy, even if you had not talked for months or haven’t met for years, the moment you meet them, you can start conversing as if you have been in touch with them all the while. Although I don’t have many of them, I sure am super thankful for the ones I have got.

We went on a 1200+ kms long drive, straight from Chennai to Rameshwaram. The trip started out great, full of energy, we got our tire flat in the first few hours, yet we kept cruising, wohooo. I was completely fine, alive and kicking but naah, I was missing out on all the amazing talks we were having. My throat, my damn throat gave up on me. Nothing serious, it’s just I could’nt was able to speak normally.

Few hours in, I dozed off but.. my friends, they would keep looking out for chemist stores. Mind you! I was completely fine, we were running late and stopping at a chemist store wasn’t really required, yet they did. Later that night, we checked into an AC room and they didn’t switch on the AC the whole night! Again, had the AC been on I would’ve still been fine. Next day, I wasn’t able to find my wallet but was sure it’s in the car we were travelling, just misplaced. He didn’t start the car and made sure I found my wallet.

Most of these things might seem trivial but they mean the world to me. It’s the actions that speak for themselves, louder than the words. Quoting a few lines from one of my fav songs Waqt ki Baatein

Jaane do jo ja chuka hai Kaun kab kahan ruka hai Baat ye fizool hai Inhe bhool jaane do

My friends make sure that the above lines are never true for me. Man I still suck at expressing myself. Couldn’t even hug them while parting, ughhhh. I will tho, next I’m gonna ask for it !! Thank youuu for being in my life 😁😁